Tasty Meat, Children's choice for Festivals

The Hindu | November 10 2017

With two vaccinators in the Killoguda cluster, disease that wipes out the entire stock has been reduced. “We have no manpower and vaccination covered only 40 % of chicken. Now the programme has considerably improved the situation,” says S. Ganeswara Rao, veterinary surgeon at Paderu.

However, coordinator for the district K. Uday Kumar feels stocking vaccine locally would further make vaccination easy.

"Earlier, we were not able to take care of our birds and lost them to disease or predatory animals. Now we are able to secure them,” says village elder Narasimha Rao.

Mr. Sanyasi Rao says while the feed converts into meat in desi birds it simply increases weight in broiler chicken. Meat of desi birds tastes better and chicken are in the productive cycle for three years.

"Children are refusing to eat broiler chicken and are waiting for crop festival or some other ritual to taste the chicken raised by us," Mr. Narsinga Rao says.

Cluster coordinator Ammaji of NGO Sanjeevini says the colour of the chicken is prescribed for each festival and raising desi birds helps tribals fulfil their sentiment as well.



The Hindu (Visakhapatnam Edition) | November 10, 2017