Tasty Meat, Children's choice for Festivals
The Hindu | November 10 2017

With two vaccinators in the Killoguda cluster, disease that wipes out the entire stock has been reduced. “We have no manpower and vaccination covered only 40 % of chicken. Now the programme has considerably improved the situation,” says S. Ganeswara Rao, veterinary surgeon at Paderu.

Desi poultry to the rescue of tribal families
G.V. Prasad Sarma, The Hindu | November 10, 2017

Rs. 7.2-crore two-year programme taken up in five districts. Girijans at Killoguda used to lose their chicken to disease or predators. And to counter it they have organised back yard poultry with desi breeds and co-ops giving vaccination at regular intervals and providing to support their venture. In the long run, it intends to increase the income of the 100 families in the cluster on poultry from Rs. 12000 to Rs. 15000 a year.