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Crop yield contest for farmers, The Hindu | August 20, 2015 

SRI Brief Report

A Brief Report 2014 - System of Rice Intensification (SRI) with the rainfed tribal farmers of Malkangiri, Odisha"

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Potential of the SRI for systemic improvement in rice production and water use: the case of Andhra Pradesh, India
A. Ravindra and S. Bhagyalaxmi, SpringerLink | October 24, 2010


Saguna Rice Technology a convergence of SRI and Conservation Agriculture
Gurpreet Singh's Blog | September 8, 2015

A small report of an exposure of Saguna Rice Technology from Saguna Baug in Raigadh practiced by Mr. Chandrasekhar Bhadsavale, who is pioneering this zero tillage method in rice based cropping system engaging principles of both SRI and Conservation Agriculture. It promises to cope challenges of deficit rainfall for transplanting in rainfed rice cultivation and worsening water scarcity around the globe. The technique promises good yield with reduction of cost of production and improved soil health with subsequent crop taken. 

How water conservation can save money in drought-ridden India
Surinder Sud, Business Standard | September 7, 2015

Adopting a slew of easy, cost-effective technologies and farm practices can raise output with less water. [and system of rice intensification, which helps nearly double the paddy yield with 50 per cent less water]


Enhancing water and cropping productivity through Integrated System of Rice Intensification (ISRI) with aquaculture and horticulture under rainfed conditions
Author(s): Amod K Thakur, Rajeeb K Mohanty, Rajbir Singh, Dhiraj U patil, Agricultural Water Management, Volume 161, Pages 65-76 | November 2015

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