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Innovative Bihar farmer makes it to South Africa, via Facebook, IANS India Private Ltd. / Yahoo India News | August 26, 2014

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Small pictorial booklet on "Principles of SRI - Desirable & Non Desirable Practices"

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Potential of the SRI for systemic improvement in rice production and water use: the case of Andhra Pradesh, India
A. Ravindra and S. Bhagyalaxmi, SpringerLink | October 24, 2010

NEWS | March 2014

For a second rice revolution
R. Gopalakrishnan, Business Standard | September 4, 2014

Better seeds and cultivation methods can be a game-changer. It is estimated that globally over five million farmers have already adopted SRI cultivation. In the 50 countries where SRI has been tried, 30-40 per cent saving of water has been demonstrated. Due to better husbanding of resources, the yield per hectare has doubled. SRI has thus become a poster boy for "more from less" and can justifiably claim to be a "climate-friendly, green rice." Imagine the potential of such rice to save water and to deliver the marketing position of being an environment-friendly rice. In the consumer atmosphere of a rapidly urbanising India, this holds promise.

Rice area goes up as farmers pick up SRI method
Shashikant Trivedi, Business Standard | September 3, 2014

Madhya Pradesh has experienced shortage of soya seed this year and encouraged farmers to switch over to rice cultivation. Anticipating shortage in soya seed, increased irrigation facility and verbal publicity of SRI (System of Rice Intensification) system of cultivation, farmers in Madhya Pradesh switched over to rice thereby increasing the area by another four lakh hectares. "SRI system of rice cultivation has become wide spread where controlled irrigation is easily available, the area has gone up to 1.8 million hectare this year," a highly placed official said.


Effect of Extended Water Stress on Growth, Tiller Mortality and Nutrient Recovery Under System of Rice Intensification
K.K. Hazra and Subhash Chandra, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section B: Biological Sciences | September 7, 2014

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