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About WASSAN Foundation

About WASSAN Foundation

WASSAN Foundation is incorporated under The Companies Act 1956 (1 of 1956) as Company Under Limited by Shares Memorandum of Association of WASSAN Foundation

The main Objects of WASSAN Foundation:

  1. To engage in the task of development and empowerment of economically backward sectionsin particular the scheduled castes and tribes and backward communities with reference towatershed development projects like Water Management, Crop Management, Afforestation, Pasture/Fodder Development, Rural Energy Management, Soil and Land Management and to establish, set up, conduct, aid, help or otherwise support agenciesengaged in the aforesaid tasks.
  2. To advise on watershed crop management and to function as a water shed crop manager or facilitator.
  3. To undertake, establish, equip, maintain, manage, organise, develop, promote, encourage, aid, finance, endorse, validate and sponsor any watershed development activity and business enterprise that support the overall development of rural and tribal communities, undertake,carryout and sponsor development programmes for promoting the welfare and social upliftofthe poor by contributing to enhance their skills, provide techniques and guidance in the areasof agricultural practices, their product development and marketing, environmental functionssuch as soil and water conservation towards achieving equitable social development.
  4. To encourage the activity of capacity building in water shed projects, in its broadest sense in all forms and subjects related to education, knowledge sharing, skill development andattitudinal changes at all levels, through all possible media and technologies, independently or jointly with others.
  5. To support, initiate, nurture, promote, products on behalf of partners, conduct business enterprise, promotion of business opportunities - of products from rural/ tribal or urban areas.

 Governance Arrangements:

Eminent development professionals are functioning as Directors of WASSAN Foundation. Board of WASSAN Foundation takes up the main responsibility of governing the organization and takes necessary policy and strategic decisions from time to time.

 Board of Directors (BoD):

The Board of Directors of WASSAN Foundation consists of eminent development professionals from different backgrounds and regions of India. There are three directors on WASSAN Foundation (May 2015).

 Main Objectives of BoD:

  1. To ensure that the functioning of the WASSAN Foundation is in tune with its stated objectives and vision of WASSAN Group of Institutions
  2. To provide necessary strategic direction and take decisions on financial aspects of the WASSAN Foundation


Functional Arrangements 

  1. WASSAN Foundation and WASSAN collaborate with each other in many of the development initiatives. This collaboration is guided by “10 Principles of Partnership” between WASSAN Foundation and WASSAN. These principles are approved by both the Board of Directors of WASSAN and Board of Trustees of WASSAN Public Charitable Trust, in their respective meetings.
  2. Based on these principles, the roles and responsibilities of WASSAN and WASSAN Foundation are clearly delineated before taking up any project/ initiative. The respective functions of each of the institution are defined in the context of each project, to derive optimum benefits from each of the institution. Generally professional tasks are performed by WASSAN and project management/ financial management services are performed by WASSAN Foundation.
  3. “10 Principles of Partnership between WASSAN Public Charitable Trust and WASSAN Foundation”: Since WASSAN Foundation and WASSSAN Public Charitable Trust have several common interests and purposes, it is expected that these two organizations would function in a collaborative manner. For facilitating this, the following guiding principles of collaboration are approved by Board of Directors of WASSAN Foundation and WASSAN Public Charitable Trust, in respective meetings.
  4. WASSAN Foundation would be supportive to all efforts, initiatives and mandate of WASSAN Public Charitable Trust and vice versa.
  5. WASSAN Foundation and WASSAN Public Charitable Trust would enter into formal partnerships through formal memorandum of understanding for each collaborative project and initiative.
  6. WASSAN Public Charitable Trust would depute necessary staff and human resources to WASSAN Foundation as per the needs of WASSAN Foundation. The formal agreements would also cover the details of deployment for each collaborative project.
  7. Both WASSAN Foundation and WASSAN Public Charitable Trust would develop a robust Management Information Systems (MIS) for tracking the deployment and project related resources (finances; results and other assets, etc).
  8. WASSAN Public Charitable Trust and WASSAN Foundation would have common letter head and web sites to indicate collaborative arrangements between these two agencies
  9. The ToRs of all staff of WASSAN Public Charitable Trust would clearly indicate that they would be deployed to WASSAN Foundation as per the needs of the projects that WASSAN Foundation and WASSAN Public Charitable Trust.
  10. The funds at WASSAN Foundation would be utilized for the common purposes of WASSAN Public Charitable Trust and WASSAN Foundation on priority basis. The financial needs of WASSAN Public Charitable Trust would be considered on priority basis by WASSAN Foundation in terms of fund utilization at WASSAN Foundation.
  11. Common and convergence meetings would be organized regularly between these two organizations to ensure that there is a common plan of action at every level.
  12. Executive Secretary of WASSANPublic Charitable Trust is deputed as Managing Executive of WASSAN Foundation, to ensure a common plan of action and convergence between these organizations.
  13. Efforts would be made to have common members on the boards of both WASSAN Public Charitable Trust and WASSAN Foundation.