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Natural Farming Transition in Odisha Tribal Landscape Project

The Natural Farming Transition in Odisha Tribal Landscape Project is an initiative led by the Government of Odisha's ST&SC Development, Minorities and Backward Classes Welfare Department, in collaboration with WASSAN. This project aims to promote natural farming practices in tribal areas of Odisha, focusing on chemical-free farming methods, soil health improvement, and enhanced food security.


♦ Completion of preparatory work, including finalizing and approving guidelines, training modules, and IEC materials.
♦ Installation of automated Bio-Input Resource Centre (BRC) units in three locations: Sundergarh, Mayurbhanj, and Ganjam.
♦  Initiation of Natural Farming pilot patches implementing zero chemical input practices.
♦  Collaboration with local organizations and NGOs for project implementation.
♦ Efforts to operationalize an existing BRC unit in Keonjhar under the Odisha Millets Mission.

Future Focus

Expanding Natural Farming Practices to more areas in Odisha

Monitoring and evaluating the impact of pilot patches

Scaling up bio-input production through BRC units

Strengthening partnerships with local organisation and government departments

The Natural Farming Transition project creates a holistic ecosystem that connects government agencies, NGOs, and tribal communities. This collaborative approach aims to accelerate the adoption of natural farming practices and improve agricultural sustainability in Odisha’s tribal landscapes.


Government Partners

Government of Odisha’s ST&SC Development, Minorities and Backward Classes Welfare Department

Odisha Mineral Bearing Areas Development Corporation (OMBADC)

Implementing Organizations


Local NGOs: Sewak, VIEWS

National Coalition for Natural Farming (NCNF)

Community Organizations

Usathi Utpadak FPO

Chandanpur Pani Panchayat

Tribal farmers

Participants in Natural Farming pilot patches

Beneficiaries of BRC units and bio-inputs

Project Programs

Natural Farming Transition Project

Development of guidelines, training modules, and IEC materials

Capacity building of farmers and local stakeholders

Pilot Natural Farming Patches

Implementation of zero chemical input practices

Year-round soil cover maintenance through mulching

Mixed cropping and Poshan garden models

Bio-Input Resource Centre (BRC) Units

Installation of 1000-liter capacity automated units

Large-scale production of bio-inputs

Collaborative Implementation

Partnerships with local organizations in Sundergarh, Mayurbhanj, Ganjam, and Keonjhar

Geographic Map

Anticipated farmer outreach for each partner program is summarised.

Our Project Team

Jyotirmayee Mishra


Ratikanta Nayak


Silabhadra Digal


Project Resources


 “Empowering Tribal Communities Through Natural Farming”
 “The Science Behind Bio-Reactor Composting: Revolutionizing Organic Inputs”
 “From Chemical to Natural: A Farmer’s Journey in Odisha’s Tribal Landscape”
 “Poshan Gardens: Nurturing Nutrition in Tribal Households”


 Success stories of tribal farmers who have transitioned to natural farming
 Impact analysis of BRC units on local farming practices and input costs
 Comparative study of crop yields and soil health in natural farming pilot patches
● Community engagement and adoption rates in different districts

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