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Research Papers

Varietal differences and geographical indication of Millet species: Exploration into tribal hinterland of Odisha | S.S. Chaudhury and A. Pradhan

Mainstreaming millets in Southern Odisha’s Malkangiri district | A. Likhar

Reorienting India’s Agriculture Policy : Millets and Institutional Change for Sustainability | Rajeswari Raina , Srijit Mishra, A Ravindra, Dinesh Balam, Avanth Gunturu

The Rediscovery of Traditional Navadhanya Cropping System at Ananthapuram District, Andhra Pradesh | Suryamoni Bhagyalakshmi, Uthappa Gollapalli, Sudhakar U., and Uday K. Nagubandi

Validation of the Indigenous Technical Knowledge of Indigenous Livestock Breeding and Management | Kanna K Siripurapu, Shilpi Sharma, Anushree Sainger, Sabyasachi Das and Kameswara Rao Kotamraju

Ethnographic GIS Mapping of the Seasonal Migration Routes of Mobile Pastoralists of the Deccan Plateau Region of Telangana | Sravya Sakkuri and Kanna K. Siripurapu

Biocultural Diversity and Culture Animals of Mobile Pastoralism – The Biocultural Diversity of Poda Thurpu Cattle Breed of Telangana State, India | Kanna K. Siripurapu and Sushma Iyengar

The Rediscovery of Traditional Navadhanya Cropping System at Ananthapuram District, Andhra Pradesh | Suryamoni Bhagyalakshmi, Kanna K. Siripurapu, Uday K. Nagubandi, Uthappa Gollapalli and Sudhakar U

Lessons fromo Millets, Nutrition and Beyond: Peek into Bakeries of Bhubaneswar-Cuttack, The National Family Health Survey (NFHS) Data and More | Ananya Mohapatra

The Economics of a Traditional Mixed Cropping System – A Case Study of Navadhanya Cropping System of Rayalaseema Region | Kanna K. Siripurapu, Bhagya Laxmi, Uday Nagubandi, Venkateswara Rao Thota, Uthappa Gollapalli, and Sudhakar U.

Study on Growth Performance and Production of Singhi and Carps (Rohu) under semi-intensive culture system in rainfed areas of Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh | Bidyabhushan Dutta, D. Kaliapatra and Kanna K. Siripurapu

Locked Out in the Lockdown – To Move or Not to Move – A Pastoralist Dilemma! | Kanna K. Siripurapu

Can Employment Guarantee Scheme (EGS) Ensure Inclusive and Resilient Growth in Rainfed Areas: Convergence Lessons Learned and Way Forward | Ravindra Adusumilli and Ashima Chaudhary

Unweaving the Gongadi | Kanna K. Siripurapu, Durgalaxmi Venkataswamy, Sushma Iyengar, and Sabyasachi Das

Reviving knowledge: India’s rainfed farming, variability and diversity | Srijit Mishra, A Ravindra, Ced Hesse

‘Livestock for Development’ in Resource-Constrained Environment: Would Induction of External Buffalo Breeds Help? (Chapter 9) | Bhagya Laxmi S, Ravindra Adusumilli, A. Vijay Mohan Rao

Rainfed agriculture for an inclusive, sustainable and food secure India | Srijit Mishra, A Ravindra, Ced Hesse

Potential of the system of rice intensification for systemic improvement in rice production and water use: the case of Andhra Pradesh, India | Ravindra Adusumilli and S. Bhagya Laxmi 

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